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Although kids and germs go hand-in-hand, it can be difficult for children to understand why it’s necessary to take certain precautions against spreading germs – which they can’t even see. Most children forget to cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze and cough, or they rely on their hands to cover their face. But we know that using the bend of the arm is a more effective strategy to minimize the spread of germs since we don’t use that part of our anatomy to touch things. With the recent introduction of the novel coronavirus, it is imperative that we teach children healthy hygiene practices that limit the spread of germs.


Way to Go Elbow, was written with this in mind. This simple and informative story explains that each person’s elbow has a very important job - to catch their own sneezes and coughs. The story is fun and educational and its lyrical dialogue and upbeat message will appeal to young children. The end of the story reinforces children learning by likening a job of an elbow to the task performed by a superhero. This book is the perfect complement to any school curriculum that is proactively teaching children healthy hygiene habits. The more we educate our children and model healthy behaviors that reduce the spread of germs, the better equipped they’ll be to make these habits their own.



  • Have children follow the instructions in the book as you narrate the story.

  • Keep in mind: unlike hand-washing, which occurs many times throughout the day, sneezing and coughing happen less frequently. This is why children often forget to use their elbow.

  • An “Elbow Cape” is a fun way to remind children to use their elbow to catch their cough or sneeze.

  • Make an “Elbow Cape” that children can wear on their elbow. Cape template and instructions can be found at the end of the book.

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